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Darrell & Dad's Family Guide Service
Helping Families Make Memories Since 2000         509-400-1950

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Experience Matters

Darrell and Dad's Family Guide Service is the longest-running, full-time guide service on Lake Chelan, and was established in 2000.  Our versatility, customer service, and family orientation are what sets us apart. We fish the lake year round and know that as the seasons' change, so do the locations and presentations for catching fish.  This experience allows us to remain in tune with the seasonal changes and put you on the fish.  

We would love to be a part of your family's special day and look forward to serving you.

Jeff Witkowski- Owner

What We Fish For:

Lake Trout

Meet the denizen of the deep - Lake Trout. In Lake Chelan, they average 2-5 pounds and are the ideal eating size fish. The state record fish of 35lb 10oz was caught by Phil Colyar of Wenatchee in 2013. Many Lakers over 10 pounds are caught. Lake Trout can live for many years and continue to grow their entire lives.

The eating-size fish are fantastic table fare. We will clean and chill your catch for you at no additional charge.

Chinook Salmon

Lake Chelan is renowned for it's landlocked Chinook Salmon fishery, as well. If you are fortunate enough to hook one of these fish, you will see one of God's masterpieces.


Kokanee Salmon

Widely referred to as, "Silvers", Kokanee makes for amazing table fair and offer an excellent winter and spring fishery.

*Kokanee trips are offered as a full day only and end after 8 hours, or your limit is reached, whichever occurs first.


Full Day: $398 for one or two adults per 8-hour day plus tax. Additional adults are $199 plus tax. Up to two children under 16 are free. Additional children are half price.* 

Half Day: $298 for one or two adults per 4 hour day plus tax. Additional adults are $149.
Up to two children under 16 are free. Additional children are half price

Other Trips

Lower Lake Boat Tour $110 per hour with two-hour minimum + 8.2% sales tax.

Mitchell Creek to Deer Point - $298
Above Deer Point to Prince Creek - $360
Above Prince Creek to Lucerne - $420
Above Lucerne to Stehekin - $480
Wait Time - $34/hour

Hunting/Searching Trips: $475 for 4 hours; $105/each additional hour; wait time - $34/hour


Contact us today to book your fishing adventure at either: 
509-400-1950 or email:  

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